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NHS General Practice Workforce Dashboard

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Area of Work Pie Chart

Click to view the workforce for your selected area of work. Reports in WTE.

Gender Pie Chart

Click to view the workforce for your selected gender. Reports in WTE.

Age Bar Chart

This chart presents the age breakdown of the workforce. Select an age range to drill-down further. Reports in WTE.

Job Role Row Chart

Breaks down the Area of Work displayed above into Job Roles. Reports in WTE.

Area of Qualification Pie Chart

This chart displays the area of qualification as a doctor. Reports in WTE.

WTE per 10,000 population* choropleth chart

Displays the total WTE per 10,000 population for each of England's Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs)**. Regions are shaded according to their WTE per 10,000 population - the darker the region the higher the WTE.

Source: This dashboard has been built on the official publication of the NHS General Practice Workforce by NHS Digital in September 2016. The data can be downloaded here.

* After some consideration we used 2016 weighted CCG populations and downloaded them from here.

** Please note that the WTE of those Registrar ST3/4 Doctors that do not have a recorded CCG in the census are not included in choropleth chart.